Manifesto Novonovo  






Novonovo is an organisation that promotes and facilitates the practice of reuse as an essential tool in sustainable development. We believe that it is possible to change the entropic condition of the material flow of a vertical system which results in excesses and waste. We aim to enable the access to materials that retain the qualities necessary for reuse in new contexts, namely production surpluses, leftovers of unused materials, unsold stock, etc. This makes it possible to create new regenerative cycles that allow the horizontal redistribution of raw materials, preventing them from being unintentionally dispersed.

Project The reuse of materials depends not only on changing distribution routes but also on design processes. The ability to turn something "useless" into something useful again is directly related to a change in perspective and mentality in the way we design spaces and objects, made possible through sustainable design. The circular design movement is expanding among Designers, Architects, Artists and Makers who accept the challenge of seeking new solutions capable of incorporating recovered materials into the creation of new pieces and constructions. In order to make the exception the rule, we seek to offer tools that facilitate access to these materials. Our work is focused on research, education and personalised services to facilitate and encourage the development of sustainable projects.

Platform To complement these activities, we have realised the importance of having a space to find recoverable materials easily and quickly, and so we have taken the initiative to create an online platform accessible to all.

The platform will be based on three foundations:

Outcycling: companies, professionals and other organisations will have the opportunity to sell or donate materials and objects that they consider useless.

Upcycling: professionals from the creative industry (makers, architects, designers, artists) will be able to find valuable materials at affordable prices to reuse in their projects.

Networking: community members will be able to enjoy a space for sharing and collaborative interaction.

Community Novonovo's goal is to create a community. Being a platform does not mean that we are just an online tool or a marketplace. Besides offering the opportunity to find reusable materials and products, Novonovo wants to enable the exchange and dissemination of new ideas in the field of sustainable production. A place where we can create, collaborate and work together in order to promote the construction of a regenerative system while offering alternatives to transform "waste" into something new.