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Novonovo is an organisation that promotes and facilitates the practice of reuse as an essential tool for sustainable development. We aim to enable access to materials that retain the necessary qualities for reuse in new contexts, namely, production surpluses, unused leftovers, unsold stock, etc. We encourage new regenerative cycles that allow the redistribution of materials avoiding them becoming waste.


. We developed a platform that facilitates access to secondary materials through the use of:

. Material Library, a digital catalog of secondary materials from companies in the Lisbon region.
. Open-calls, a community sharing space that allows the circulation of hard-to-find secondary materials

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. We support the development of sustainable projects in both the design and production phases.
. We offer consultancy to companies interested in adopting more sustainable and profitable ways of treating unused materials, thus contributing to improving their production efficiency.
. We support educational institutions in the didactic development of contents related to circular economy and design.
. Through research and the promotion of workshops, we create and disseminate relevant contents that stimulate research on the use of reusable materials in the Creative Industry.







Project Analysis.
Impact Analysis.
Design and production assistance.
Communication assistance.

Production efficiency analysis.
Impact Analysis.
Identification of reusable materials.

Creation of content and didactic material about Circular Economy and Circular Design.
Workshop and Research on the potential use of reusable materials

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Focused but fun in the process.
We approach each project with passion and dedication.
We are a heterogeneous team, both in origin and in know-how, trained in areas that go through management, design and environmental sciences.
This transdisciplinarity has contributed to the creation of creative and innovative solutions, combining the principles of circular economy with the will to offer new business opportunities to our clients and partners.


Novonovo was created in 2019 within the "Creative Business Studio" program organised by Impact Hub Lisbon. A crowdfunding campaign (on the PPL platform) was launched in May 2019 to fund the project. We thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who supported us.

Novonovo’s team continues to work thanks to the support of our community and organizations dedicated to the development of social and environmental projects such as Circular Economy Portugal, Impact Hub Lisbon and Centro de Inovação da Mouraria.