About novonovo

Novonovo is a platform for the circular economy. A marketplace for exchanging reusable products and materials, a community of conscious people who find alternative ways of managing their "post-consumer" products, giving them another life-cycle.

Everyone, from people, companies and organizations can give, sell or exchange materials and objects that they no longer need. In this way instead of throwing them away they can give them away to someone who needs them.

Reuse & Upcycle
Everyone, This is a way to create new things, or new uses for old things, without needing to consume raw materials.
Companies, people and creators
can find valuable things to reuse for their businesses, at home, or to create new sustainable products.

Even if you don't have anything to give away, you can still use the platform to connect with creators, like-minded people, and organizations.
You can also find activities, products or events that promote sustainable habits.

The purpose of the platform is not limited to the exchange of materials and products, but it serves also to enable the exchange and dissemination of new ideas on sustainability, a place to create, collaborate and work with a local community. Organizations, makers, professionals can cooperate and create activities that allow not only the redistribution of materials but also the dissemination of a culture of sustainability. In this way, we promote the formation of a regenerative system that not only gives an alternative to the way we manage our "waste" but also stimulates innovation on how to turn "waste" into something new, or even better on how to not create it at all.